Getting Started

Above Ground PoolAbove ground pools are an affordable investment that can provide years of backyard recreation, and can help kids to become confident swimmers. This site features tips and product information to help you select, maintain, upgrade and enjoy your above ground pool affordably.

With a little planning and preparation an above ground swimming pool is reasonably simple to set up and with the right products, easy to maintain.

Things to consider before purchasing an above ground pool:

  • Work out a budget and do some shopping around.
  • Determine which above ground pool type and shape fits your needs
       (Metal Frame or Soft inflated ring, Round or Rectangle)
  • Maintenance is required and should be considered in your budget.
  • Water to fill the pool will be an initial expense. Check your local utility if you have drought restrictions
  • If your budget allows there are smart upgrades that generally don’t come with most “starter pools” that will make maintenance much easier
  • You’ll need nearby power to run a pump and filter

Setting up an above ground pool

1. Consider the placement of the above ground pool. You’ll want to maximize direct sunlight for it’s radiant heating of the water and avoid falling leaves from nearby trees.

2. Take time to level the area. This will likely require some digging and raking.

3. Establish a soft foundation on your level area. A few inches of sand create a nice cushion. There are also products available that can be placed under the footprint of your pool to soften the base and protect the pool from weeds and other aggressive grasses.

Great deals on above ground pools can be found at the end of the summer season at many major retailers both online and in-store. We’ve spotted Intex above ground pool kits at Walmart, Target, Costco and through several online sites.