Above Ground Pool Care Products – Where to buy

Where are the best places to buy above ground pool maintenance products?

Efficient maintenance is the key to being able to enjoy your above ground pool. Clean clear water is the goal we are all striving for using simple products and minimal effort.

Big box stores have a good selection
Above Ground Pool Products at WalmartWe’ve found everything we need for routine pool maintenance at our local Walmart or Target store. From chemical consumables like chlorine and shock to pole skimmers and lighting accessories all at very affordable prices.

Shop online for above ground pool products
For upgrade items like pumps, filters and covers, I like the prices and selection at Amazon.com. With free 2 day shipping available through my Amazon Prime membership, I can get nearly anything I need in a couple days.

Pool Supply Stores are usually my last resort
For specialty items or when I need advice on water chemistry I’ll drop into my local pool supply store. Most pool supply stores will do free water testing if you bring in a sample. I’ve also purchased things like o-rings, and filter sand at these retailers. Prices on parts or chemicals at your local pool supply store will cost more to cover the overhead of the shop and staff. These shops cater mostly to in-ground pool owners so I’ve had mixed experiences over the past few years when I’ve stopped in for something I need quick.

Above ground pool care routine tips:

  • Pole Skim the surface of your above ground pool daily
  • Run your pump and filter daily
  • Test & Balance your water weekly
  • Sanitize your water with chlorine tablets in a floating dispenser
  • Shock your pool weekly (after shocking your pool wait a day before swimming)