Top Above Ground Pool Maintenance Products

Once your pool is up and functional, you’ll begin to realize there are benefits to making above ground pool maintenance easy and efficient. The following products are either essential or highly recommended to help you get the most enjoyment out of your above ground pool.

Pole Skimmer
Every pool needs a pole skimmer. During pool season I generally use the pole skimmer a couple times a day to remove leaves and other floating debris that has blown or landed in the pool. Removing bigger items floating in the water will limit them from clogging your skimmer basket or getting into your filter media or pump.

When buying or replacing your pole skimmer, check that your pole will fit the new skimmer head. My Intex pool came with a skimmer pole that only has a 1″ inside diameter. Most skimmer heads and vacuum attachments need a pole with a 1-1/8″ inside diameter.

Water Test kit
Test your pools water weekly to keep pH, free available chlorine (FAC), total chlorine, calcium hardness (CH) total alkalinity (TA) and cyanuric acid/stabilizer (CYA) balanced.

You can also bring water sample to many Pool Supply stores for free testing and advice on how to balance your water.

Floating Chlorine Dispenser
Chlorine tablets are a simple to use way to sanitize your pools water. Depending on the volume of water and other conditions you can choose between 1″ or 3 ” tablets and a floating dispenser to fit those tablets.

Shock your pool weekly
Shocking your pool weekly helps kill of bacteria and other organic contaminants while removing chloramines which causes eye irritation.

Some brands dissolve faster than others, and if your shock doesn’t dissolve quickly it can sink and bleach out the bottom of your pool liner. Add shock while running your pump/filter to help evenly mix it with the pool water.

Pool Vacuum & Hose
Keep the bottom of your liner clean and your budget in check with a pole-mounted manual above ground pool vacuum.

We use this vacuum once a week to suck up debris that has sank to the bottom of the pool. Vacuum hose and pole sold separately.

Check that your pole will fit the new vacuum head. My Intex pool came with a skimmer pole that only has a 1″ inside diameter. Most vacuum attachments and other pole mounted accessories need a pole with a 1-1/8″ inside diameter.

Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuum
Above Ground Pool VacummKeep the bottom of your liner clean with an automatic above ground pool vacuum. Some pool vacuums and hoses may be sold separately.

The Kreepy Krauly “Lil Shark” is on our wish list for purchase.

Foot Bath
Hook this to your Intex pool ladder and fill it with clean water daily. A foot bath will help minimize grass and dirt sticking to wet feet from being tracked into the pool.

Pool Cover or Solar Blanket
Many above ground pools come with a cover. Your cover will come in handy in windy conditions by keeping debris out of the pool.

An even better option that will keep your water clean and warmer when not in use is to use a Solar Blanket. Reduce evaporation and chemical loss while warming your pool water by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit!

Garden Hose
You’ll need a hose that reaches the pool to both maintain your water level and for rinsing off pool toys that have landed in the yard.

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