Above Ground Pool Fountain

Above Ground Pool FountainAn Above Ground Pool fountain can add visual interest and calming ambient sound to block out traffic or other unwanted noise.

I am running the Intex Multi-Color LED Pool Fountain for Above Ground Pools. See my unboxing video, and the custom plumbing method I used to connect it to standard 1-1/2″ PVC in the second video below.

This is essentially the same method I illustrate here (Method 1) for plumbing Intex 40mm fittings to standard 1-1/2″ PVC pipe.

For my pool I will split the return line from the pump/filter into two lines, one that will go back into the pool as before, and one that will have a shut off valve in-line so that I can control when I’m using the fountain (see in the first video below).

What you’ll need:

Intex Above Ground Pool Fountain Parts

(Sand the face of bushing smooth before assembly)

In the image above we are using the Fountain and 40mm Intex nut. We are adding the washer, PVC reducer bushing, and PVC coupler (outlined in the green box).

We are not using the piece that is crossed out in red. Use this piece only if you are using Intex hoses rather than the PVC plumbing modification.


See similar detailed instructions for how I PVC plumbed my Hayward Skimmer to my Intex Pump & Sand Filter.

> Custom PVC Plumbing to your Intex Sand Filter