Above Ground Pool Sand Filter Upgrade

Above Ground Pool Sand FilterWhile it seems obvious that having clean water is essential to enjoying your above ground pool, many pools come with a pump and filter that is not up to the task. Generally these “starter pools” come with a small cartridge filter with a relatively low gallons-per-hour pump rating. You’ll soon find that it is nearly impossible to keep your water clear using the stock pump and filter even when running it nearly non-stop.

Without proper filtration and with regular use, a combination of body oils, sunscreen, leaves, dirt, and other organic matter will cloud the water in your above ground pool. Pairing a higher flow pump and the efficiency of sand as filter media yields big improvements in water quality. You’ll still need to sanitize and balance your water chemistry but you’ll quickly see a difference in how clear your water is.

Selecting the right Above Ground Pool Sand Filter and pump
Choose based on the size of your above ground pool. (Calculate how many gallons of water the pool holds depending on the shape and depth of the pool)

Our 15′ round by 48″ deep pool holds 4,440 gallons when 90% filled. We run our Intex pump (and sand filter) which is rated at 2,650 gallons per hour for at least 2 hours per day to turn over and filter all the water in the pool.

Most Intex brand sand filters will come complete with hoses and adaptors to fit an Intex above ground pool so installation is very straightforward.

Intex hose unions (connections) are not standard to conventional pool plumbing so if you are connecting your new sand filter to other devices you may need to adapt the plumbing which I explain on the “Custom PVC Plumbing” page linked below.

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