Above Ground Pool Solar Heating

There are several easy ways you can use the sun to heat your above ground pool. Solar heating your above ground pool can help extend your pool season allowing you to start swimming earlier in the spring and close your pool later in the fall. Your location and weather will be factors that you’ll need to consider.

Above ground pool solar heating options:

1. Place your pool in and area that gets plenty of direct sunlight
If your pool is shaded it will be tough to make or keep the water warm.

2. Use a solar cover/blanket
A solar blanket for above ground pools can increase water temperature by up to 10 degrees while helping to reduce evaporation of water by up to 95% and with it chemical loss.

Solar blankets are inexpensive and available for popular round and rectangular above ground pools.

3. Buy a solar pool heating panel
There are a variety of designs available that all soak up heat from the sun and transfer it to the water being pumped through the sun warmed tubes.

For larger pools putting more than one unit in series will help heat the larger volume of water.

4. Beluga Pool Solutions
Heat your above ground pool with a garden hose! Thread the Beluga into your standard 1-1/2″ inlet fitting and connect a long dark colored garden hose that will soak up lots of sun.

You’ll need:

5. Build your own solar pass-through
We’re brainstorming ideas to build a simple solar heating system using inexpensive flexible tubing, PVC or ABS pipe. We hope to build this upcoming project for under $100. Stay tuned.