Tips on Buying a Portable Hot Tub

Enjoy the benefits of a hot tub on a budget!
Portable hot tubs have become an affordable option for people looking for a relaxing escape without the long-term commitment of more permanent hot tubs. Portable hot tubs are great for small yards, patios, renters or people who may have a move in their future.

We generally use our Intex Portable Hot Tub most in the Fall and into Winter when the temperature starts to dip enough at night that our above ground pool is no longer comfortable for swimming.

Portable Hot Tub Features
Shop and compare as their are many good options that should fit your needs. We started by looking for a size that would fit on our patio. Most of the tubs we found in our budget were inflatable, and circular in shape. There are also affordable options that are square or even rectangular to fit all kinds of spaces.

The size of the portable hot tub will also dictate the number of people that can comfortably enjoy it. When looking at size and capacity, also look at the number and type of jets featured. Some portable hot tubs will have jets with multiple settings that allow you to adjust the water turbulence to your personal preference.

Cover your Portable Hot Tub
Look for a portable hot tub that has a cover. If the tub you like does not come with a cover, be sure to purchase one the fits correctly. Here are some of the key benefits to having your portable hot tub covered:

  • Retain heat when the tub is not in use – which can save money
  • Keep insects, leaves, dirt and debris out of the tub – reduces maintenance
  • Helps keep kids, pets and other animals out of the tub – safety

Portable Hot Tub Energy Use
Assume that your water and electric bill will rise based on use and efficiency. Inflatable portable hot tubs made from thicker vinyls or that contain insulating layers should retain heat better.

Set a Budget
As you begin doing research and shopping for a portable hot tub, set a budget for the following items:

  • Portable Hot Tub
  • Portable Hot Tub Cover*
  • Safety steps for getting in and out*
  • Maintenance supplies

*If not included with your hot tub.