Dress up your Above Ground Pool

Your above ground pool is set up, you have sparkling clear water circulating, kids are splashing around, but it looks outwardly a little too plastic to be an oasis. There is a lot you can do to dress up your above ground pool and make it feel warmer and more integrated with the yard. Utilize a few of the ideas below together to build a Tiki theme, or tropical sanctuary. Find more great ideas on Pinterest.

Build a Deck
This one is high on the “L-O-E” (level of effort) but can yield a high return if done well. Lots of deck plans are available online so take some time and do some research.

Cover the outside of the liner
Tiki it up with a roll of reed fencing or bamboo fencing. Lots of sizes and styles to choose from. Super easy to secure to corner poles with color matching zip ties.

We’ve seen wood panels constructed which makes the pool feel more permanent. This method will take longer to construct but can add a level of protection to your liner from the outside while also making the pool look like a large barrel. Be careful with nails or screws that might puncture the liner.

Take time to cover pumps, filters and plumbing while leaving them accessible for typical service.

Enhance with Lighting
There are endless ideas out there to extend the day and accent your yard and above ground pool at night. Here are some of our favorite lighting ideas:

Tiki torches
Edison bulb strings
Solar outdoor lights
Floating pool lights

Potted plants
Large potted plants spaced along pole corners can add to the lush tropical feel. Keep away from plants that might grow and cause a puncture to the liner.

Add a water feature
Fountains add visual interest and calming sound. Visit our page dedicated to Above Ground Pool Fountains.

Shade is good
With a couple pieces of 1-1/2″ PVC tubing you can add some simple umbrella stations at the perimeter of your above ground pool and have flexible protection from UV rays!