Change Pool Filter Sand with ZeoSand

This season I began to notice that my water wasn’t crystal clear no matter how long I ran my filter or how often I shocked the pool. It was time to change the pool filter sand in my Intex Sand Filter.

Sand is a durable and long lasting filter media, but it will lose its ability to filter slowly over time as water smoothes the rough edges and even creates channels of less resistance inside your sand filter.

After some research and reading I decided to try an alternative to sand media purchasing a compatible product called Zeo Sand (zeolite). Zeolite has properties that make it a better filter media than traditional filter sand, with a porous texture giving it greater filtering surface area, and by volume weighing roughly half that of silica sand. The results have been impressive with my water looking clearer than it has in recent years. I highly recommend this maintenance upgrade.

After adding ZeoSand media to your sand filter, rinse and backwash very thoroughly.

To do this job effectively and efficiently you really need a Shop Vac, so either find one that you can borrow, or purchase one before you start. Check out my video below for an overview of the process: