Hayward 2-Speed Pump Upgrade

Have you thought about putting a Hayward pump on your Intex pool? If so read on as I share my experience and the parts I used to make this upgrade.

After six years of good service the pump portion of our Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter/Pump had become unreliable. This pump and filter combo was a game changer, improving the water quality of our above ground pool. It provided the power to move more gallons of water per hour and the efficiency of filter sand to make the water sparkling and clear.

After doing some research and careful consideration over the expense of a more robust pump I selected the Hayward PowerFlo Matrix 1 HP, Dual-Speed Above Ground Pool Pump. This would certainly be enough pump to manage the needs of my 15′ x 48″ pool, and give me the flexibility to run the pump on the lower flow mode for typical daily filtration, and switch to the higher flow when running my fountain. There are less expensive 2 speed pumps with similar specs, do your own research. Overall I am happy with this upgrade, especially with how quiet the pump is on the low setting!

One of the key pieces in this upgrade is an adaptor to bridge the standard plumbing on the Hayward pump to a 40mm connector (on the hose to the Sand Filter). These adaptors will also work well if you are retaining Intex hoses in other parts of your pool plumbing that need to connect to standard plumbing. Since making the video below a new 40mm adaptor is available and I prefer it to others I’ve used over the years.

If you are struggling to keep your pool looking clean and clear and are still using the small pump that came with your pool, the Intex Pump and Sand Filter combos are a great value and I am not disappointed in the longevity of the pump (and we continue to use the Sand Filter).

In the video below, see how I mount the new Hayward 2-speed pump to the old Intex pump base and plumb it up to the Intex Sand Filter and our skimmer.