How to Winterize your Above Ground Pool

As the end of the summer approaches, temperatures will drop, rain storms will move in, and the smell of aging leaves will fill the air and your pool if you fail to prepare. Order the supplies you’ll need now to winterize your above ground pool and be ready.

Why Winterize your Above Ground Pool?

  • Cold climate and freezing temperatures can damage your liner, pumps, filters and connected plumbing
  • Save water by not having to refill your pool the following season.

Follow these steps to Winterize your Above Ground Pool:

1. Remove any debris from the pool. Vacuum thoroughly, anything not removed will sit for months and possibly stain your liner.

2. Add winter chemicals, and let them thoroughly mix with your water while running the pump and filter for a couple hours.

3. Drain water to below skimmer and pump return.

4. Disconnect plumbing, pump and filter. Drain and store these away indoors. Leaving these outdoors full of water will likely result in damage if you live in an area that gets below freezing as water expands when it freezes and cracks plastic pipes and parts.

5. Cover the pool. This will keep debris from settling in the pool.

Now is also a great time to stock up and save on pool chemicals and equipment as many retailers will be discounting remaining inventory.